Professor Kimberley Mangun


U News Writing students take a break in October 2017 after pitching ideas for their enterprise stories. Back row, from left: Ryker Jackson and Jackson Caldwell. Front, from left: Professor Kimberley Mangun, Lori Kunz, Kaylee Anderson, Jasmyne Reynolds, Zaina Abujebarah, Britt Brooks, Samantha Shaw, Zach Davis, Rachel Beus, Taylor Lines, Reem Ikram, Dominic Nguyen, María Hernandez, Savannah Bernardo. Not pictured: Abigail Sabir and Parker Schlaf.

Student-journalists in my section of Introduction to News Writing were: Zaina Abujebarah; Kaylee Anderson; Savannah Bernardo; Rachel Beus; Britt Brooks; Jackson Caldwell; Zach Davis; María Hernandez; Reem Ikram; Ryker Jackson; Lori Kunz; Taylor Lines; Jasmyne Reynolds; Abigail Sabir; Parker Schlaf; Samantha Shaw.

They covered a wide range of interesting and important stories during the semester, including: slam poetry; the rise of vegan restaurants; an ice cream shop that employs individuals with special needs; local female musicians; overcoming the stigma of mental illness with mindfulness; social media marketing in the fashion industry; and a profile of the popular Lone Star Taquería.

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