Professor Kimberley Mangun


From left Professor Kimberley Mangun; Megan Gilson; Kim Davison; Claire Hillard; Jen Chun; Kowhai Anderson; Emma Chavez; Kenzie Nicol; Hollis Leja; Allison Pferdner; Josh Ludlow; Spencer Gregory; Riley Spear; Katherine Schumann; Virginia Hill; Jolie Bell; Hannah Cook; Braden Rollins; Porter Anderson; Seok Lee. Not pictured: Reggie Hodnett and Morgan Parent. Photo by Becky Rose.

Student-journalists in my section of Introduction to News Writing were: Kowhai Anderson; Porter L. Anderson; Jolie Bell; Emma Chavez; Jen Chun; Hannah Cook; Kim Davison; Megan Gilson; Spencer K. Gregory; Virginia Hill; Claire Hillard; Reginald Hodnett; Seok Lee; Hollis Leja; Josh Ludlow; McKenzie Nicol; Morgan Parent; Allison Pferdner; Braden Rollins; Katherine Schumann; Riley Spear.

They covered a wide range of interesting and important topics during the semester, including: naturopathic remedies, local small businesses, a program that uses upcycling to create beds for individuals who are homeless, a restaurant redesign, and a Shakespeare competition for high school students.

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