Jennie Nicholls-Smith

Student-journalists in Jennie Nicholls-Smith‘s sections of Introduction to News Writing included:

Section 001: Ally Bertrand, John Buffington, Clinton Curtis, Mike Drummond, Renee Estrada, Alex Golesorkhi, Chanelle Jepson, Chris Kortman, Stephen Krumm, Morgan Latimer, Brie Marron, Braden McElreath, Chris Rawlings, Brandon Riddle, Niya Suddarth and Austin Trane.

Section 002: Abby Adams, Lily Baeder, Rachel Barnard, Trevor Barnyak, Sierra Delnort, Lauren Doxey, Monica Garcia, Tehya Griffiths, Derek Hatch, Max Karren, Ryan Love, Brett Royer, Hillary Stuart and Keven Wall.

They covered a wide range of interesting and important stories during the semester, including Salt Lake City growth, holiday coverage, human interest and issues in education.

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