Professor Kimberley Mangun

Student-journalists in my section of Introduction to News Writing were: Katya Benedict; MiaBella Brickey; Hannah Carlson; Devin Richard Dayley; Darienne DeBrule; Matthew Grant; Rebecca Hale; Makayla Harris; Chandler Holt; Jane Kremer; Madison Kuledge; Brynna Maxwell; Reede Nasser; Alexis Perno; Taylor Thornton; Dylan Valerio.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, they covered a wide range of interesting and important topics during the semester, including: Burgess Orchards, which has been family owned since 1912; Mountain West Hard Cider Co., whose owners craft award-winning apple ciders; Holding Out Help, a nonprofit that helps people from a polygamous background reach self-sufficiency; and grieving during a pandemic.

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Photo gallery, left column from top: Darienne DeBrule, Brynna Maxwell, Makayla Harris, Rebecca Hale, Chandler Holt, Hannah Carlson, Devin Richard Dayley, Matthew Grant. Right column, from top: Taylor Thornton, Alexis Perno, MiaBella Brickey, Reede Nasser, Katya Benedict, Dylan Valerio, Jane Kremer, Madison Kuledge.