Jennie Nicholls-Smith

Student-journalists in Jennie Nicholls-Smith‘s sections of Introduction to News Writing included:

Section 005: Marjorie Clark, Hannah Stewart, Landon Fielding, Blake Fischbeck, Lee Guerringue, Ryan Hughes, Aaron Kramer, Mackenzie Kunz, Chad Mobley, Kelsey Moseley, Kate Murphy, Thomas Padjen, Adrienne Purdy, Trevor Phibbs, Anthony Rainaldi, Colton Reinholtz, Ben Sorensen and Devin Whall.

Section 002: Erika Ahlin, Elizabeth Anderson, CJ Beckmann, Sundone Boutvyseth, Carly Brown, Andrea Carlson, Ciara Christensen, Ainsley Cook, Mckenzie Crawford, Jamie Cruz, Darya Dehlavi, Aaron Dotson, Ty Fullmer, Jackson Goulder, Lisa Hawkins, Leah Mosteller, Marco Muralles, Alysha Nemeschy, Kumiko Otsuki, Madison Parsons, Bethany Shafer and Alexa Wells.

They covered a wide range of interesting and important stories during the semester, including Salt Lake City growth, environmental issues, human interest and issues in education.

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