Fall 2021

Student-journalists in my section of Introduction to News Writing were: Salma Abdalla; Alma Bean; Leah Beehler; Alfonso Belloso; Jacob Freeman; Lorna Gage; Chandler Holt; Jhareil Hutchinson; Sophia Jeon; Makena Klinge; Katey Kolesky; Jonathan Little; Christian Loftus; Alejandro Lucero; Luke Magel; Mason Orr; Sophia Roney; Rose Shimberg; Caleb Strange; Kayla Swank; Sorina Trauntvein; Kristine Weller; Raegan Zitting.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, they covered a wide range of interesting and important topics during the semester, including: death doulas, who help people nearing the end of their life; student organizations, such as the Beekeepers Alliance, at the University of Utah; the Know Your Neighbor program, which connects refugees with community members; and women’s ski groups in the Wasatch Mountains.

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