Professor Kimberley Mangun



The class gathered outside the Languages & Communication Building to celebrate a successful semester. Back row, from left: Katya Wagstaff; Katie Rogers; Maddy Howard; Erin Sleater; Bailey Caldwell; Chandley Chynoweth; Maddie Porter; Charles Buck. Front row, from left: Professor Kimberley Mangun, Elizabeth Nygaard; Keaton Shirk; Ryan Thurston; Eric Jerome; Ashleigh Zaelit; Andrea Becerra; Peter Johnston. Not pictured: Megan Christine; Spencer Gray; Joe Parker; Morgan Stewart; Joe Woolley.


Student-journalists in my section of Introduction to News Writing were: Andrea Becerra; Charles Buck; Bailey CaldwellMegan ChristineChandley Chynoweth; Spencer Gray; Maddy Howard; Eric Jerome; Peter Johnston; Elizabeth Nygaard; Joseph ParkerMadeleine M. Porter; Katherine Rogers; Keaton Shirk; Erin Marie Sleater; Morgan Stewart; Ryan Matthew Thurston; Katya Wagstaff; Joe Woolley; Ashleigh Zaelit.

They covered a wide range of interesting and important topics during the semester, including: the Piano Outreach Program at the University of Utah; the challenges of branding the Leonardo Museum; Olympic ski jumper Will Rhoads; the No Kill Utah initiative of Best Friends Animal Society; and a Men’s Wellness Support Group for refugees.

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