Professor (Lecturer) Ben Whisenant

Students in News Writing 1610, 002, Back Row: Cam Daley, Brendan Valentine, Taylor Litson, James Sexton, Nick Moller, James Tomsik, Emily Albrecht, Marshall Gainor, Elise Dunaway, Brock Bernstein. Front Row: Osvaldo Rios-Cano, Cecilia Dietz, Madeline Fitzgerald, Ryan Michaud, Bryn Jorgensen, Avery Robles, Erynn Duke, Emerald Barney.

Students in my section of University of Utah News Writing include Emily Albrecht, Emerald Barney, Brock Bernstein, Michael Boswell, Kierra Cable, Cam Daley, Cecilia Dietz, Erynn Duke, Elise Dunaway, Madeline Fitzgerald, Marshall Gainor, Bryn Jorgensen, Taylor Litson, Ryan Michaud, Nick Moller, Osvaldo Rios-Cano, Avery Robles, Anil Saluja, James Sexton, James Tomsik and Brendan Valentine

They covered a wide range of topics for their Enterprise stories this semester. You can link to each of their news stories from their name above where you can also access their bios, reflection blogs, and Linkedin profiles. You can also view their work by topic through the tags located on “Categories” below.