Ben Whisenant

This site, created by Professor Kimberley Mangun, hosts news stories from University of Utah news writing students. Students in my section of Intro to News Writing include Henry Allen, Faye Barnhurst, Joseph Coles, Christian Gonzalez, Alyssa Gum, Cyma Haghighat, Tiffany Huyette, Citlali Jauregui, Vaofua Kaili, Zane Law, Seok Lee, Taylor Lenci, Natalie Mumm, Mary Naylor, Allison Oligschlaeger, Eva-Marie Putze, Annie Ricks, Meredith Searight, Holly Vasic, Latifa Yaqoobi and Eylul Yel.

The students stories covered a wide range of topics and important issues.

Each student has produced an About Me page, a Reflection Blog on producing their news story, and an enterprise story. You may access these stories through links in their blogs and bios or by clicking on a Tag or Category.