Carly Szemerey

Photo by Lifetouch



When I enrolled for this class I couldn’t wait. When I learned about the slice-of-life profile that we were going to be working on this semester, I was very excited!  When I learned that we had to interview people that we didn’t know, well, let’s just say I wasn’t as excited.

Don’t get me wrong — I love meeting new people, talking to them and learning new things but deciding whom to interview and how to contact them were the questions that popped into my mind and would not leave.

After pondering story ideas and interviews, I decided that the only way to get over this mental block was to just jump right in and start my fieldwork, so that is exactly what I did. Luckily it was the perfect solution.

As I started interviewing my sources and focusing on my profile story about a breast cancer awareness game put on by an individual who was a high school senior at the time, I began to become quite fascinated with the whole process. I was becoming comfortable with the contacting and interviewing processes and after a while I couldn’t wait to contact more sources whom would benefit the readers of this article.

While interviewing the source who organized the game I became impacted by what this man had to say. He was such a selfless person that just wanted to help a cause. I left the interview that day wanting to be more helpful toward the people around me. Safe to say this was not in the realm of things that I thought I would be leaving this interview with but I’m so glad I did.

This story was a lot of fun to report on. I had a great time and was able to figure out some things about my own life thanks to this article. I now know that I love reporting and news writing. I also learned that there is so much out there to learn and I know I can’t learn it all, but I wouldn’t mind trying.


I am a sophomore at the University of Utah and plan to graduate in 2014. I am double majoring in mass communication and exercise and sport science. Even though these two majors don’t seem to complement each other all that well, they are both passions of mine.

I am one of those people who loves to be involved and meet new people. I want to try as many things as I can in life which is why I am currently on the route that I am in school. Both of these majors offer me completely different perspectives and experiences that I can’t choose just one to pursue.

Traveling is my No. 1 favorite thing to do. I am an avid traveler and have taken many vacations in my day. Learning about different cultures and people’s way of living is so fascinating to me, so after graduation I plan to take some time and move to Ireland for a couple of months. Following this I will travel around Europe and visit as many places as I possibly can.

My family and friends mean the world to me and I can’t begin to thank them enough for supporting me through my endeavors. They have helped me through so much and I couldn’t be luckier to have them in my life.