Sheryl Cronin

Picture by Lynda Cronin



For my enterprise story I chose to write about The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy change within the U.S. Armed Forces that took place in September 2011. I have always been an avid supporter of the LGBT community and I thought that this topic was a significant event that was taking place and dear to my heart.

I interviewed three different individuals; one man who dated another man who was in the Army while the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was still in effect as well as two other men who are currently on individual ready reserve with two separate branches.

I came across some interviewing issues when I realized that the men didn’t want to talk about their feelings or opinions about homosexuality… at least not the straight men I interviewed. If I had more time to find more willing interviewees, I most definitely would have.

Brian Robbins was one of the more interesting people out of my three, even though he didn’t say much. I was unaware that he might be leaning towards the homophobic side of this situation. I was able to dig a little deeper and find some quotes and real information from his experiences that I could use in my story.

I was able to use Derek Kjar’s interview the most; we had a good rapport. He was willing to tell me everything he felt and saw happen while he was in this relationship with a military man.  I think this combination of people worked well for my story. Each of them had very different sides to this story.

I would love to have been able to interview more people for an article like this. I did have a woman lined up to interview but it fell through. Women tend to be more receptive to detailed communication that would have been another perspective to add to the mix.


Sheryl is a senior at the University of Utah studying communication and anthropology. She will be graduating this December 2012. She received her Associate of Science at the Salt Lake Community College in 2008. She has worked in retail and customer service for seven years.  She has recently acquired an internship in event planning at the Utah Kids Club. She plans on going into the event planning field after she graduates.