Lauren W. Deane

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Love is the feeling of the plastic keys underneath my warm fingertips while my eyes are rapidly scanning across the computer screen. My mind swirls with unanswered questions and ideas for my story. There is a need I have to bring justice and help to those without voices. It’s all felt in the blood, the pumping adrenaline that courses through my veins and pushes my story.

That is how I feel when writing but the process is what makes me a successful writer. In this blog I will outline my story ideas, my sources, and problems I had and how I decided my focus.

All of my story ideas, thus far, have come from experiences I have had in my life. My first story idea this semester was about the NBA lockout and its impact on American players participating and employed overseas. I was first inspired by the idea when my brother graduated in 2010 from Oregon State University after playing basketball in the PAC-10 (at that time, now it’s the PAC-12). My brother finished school and was thinking of going overseas to play professionally. We talked about all of Daniel’s options and after a while, the conversation moved to his friends currently employed oversees. He then talked about how the lockout was affecting these friends overseas. I knew that was a side to the story I had never heard and it was one I wanted to expose.

My next idea was to talk to “unspoken heroes” for our class’ enterprise story. I am a waitress and one experience I had with a customer pushed my rage and need to tell the story. Waitresses, for the most part, earn an hourly wage of $2.25 an hour. This customer came over to me and gave me a $1 tip on a $45 bill. He said he needed to “sneak me my tip” behind his wife’s back because she didn’t believe in “free rides.” This statement infuriated me, it also pushed the story.

I located my sources in many ways — mostly, out of personal experience. I knew someone, who knew someone, who knew something. Out of these interviews I could attain other names, numbers and emails. If I needed more, I would try the Internet. The sources changed depending on which story I was telling. For the NBA lockout story, I knew the two interviewees, Kellen McCoy and Daviin Davis, because we all had played basketball at Weber State University in 2008-2009. The groups of people I am currently interviewing for the enterprise story came from my work at the Eating Establishment, from a person in class who gave me a resource to interview for another point of view and from walking up and down Main Street in Park City and going into restaurants and asking for the manager.

The only moral dilemmas I found in my stories was when I was asking Davis about his pay cut and the benefits included from his playing years.

The hardest part for me in my lockout story was the focus. There was so much of the story that I wanted to tell and I couldn’t address it all. I found with others’ input and a little kick in my own ass, I could pick which point to tell and stay on it. I am finding I am having a hard time with the focus on the enterprise story as well. I believe with multiple drafts and input from family and friends I can figure out what angle to address and what focus to take.

The reason why I write is because of the process; I love it all, except the editing. Every time I write, it reminds me that I love the craft and writing, period. I definitely had epiphanies about my desired career in journalism through this class. All the assignments and stories remind me about how much I love to write and learn and how to improve my craft.  Another thing I learned is I can be an incredible writer, but I also have moments when I completely suck at writing. I learned what actions and situations create the differences of when I suck at writing and when I am in my literate flow. Usually I am absolutely awful when the television is on or I am distracted. I need complete silence and a space I can speak out loud without being self-conscious in order to perform.


Lauren Whitney Deane was born to Patrice Marie Wahlen-Deane and Gregory Steven Deane on Aug. 29, 1989, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She lived in Salt Lake City until she finished second grade. Then her mother, father and brother, Daniel Deane, moved to Park City, Utah. She attended Judge Memorial Catholic High School until her sophomore year.  In Lauren’s junior year she transferred to Park City High School in order to be closer to her home and to attend a better academic high school.

Lauren graduated from Park City High School on June 4, 2008. During her high school years she was a tri-sport athlete. She lettered as a varsity athlete in basketball three years running. She earned multiple school, region and state awards in her three years playing basketball. Lauren also lettered four years in volleyball, three years in track and field and one year in softball.

On April 16, 2008, she signed a letter of intent to play basketball at the Division One institution Weber State University (WSU). She studied communication with an emphasis in journalism at WSU. She spent two years as a Weber State Wildcat and in 2010 transferred to play basketball in Canada while attending the University of Calgary (U of C). At the U of C she was an arts major with an interest in social media. After playing in Canada for a year, Lauren returned to Park City to finish her degree and work.

She is currently finishing her degree in communication at the University of Utah and working three jobs. She is employed as a waitress at The Eating Establishment and Fuego Bistro and as an assistant coach for the Park City High School women’s basketball team. In the future she hopes to be empolyed as a journalist or anchor for a television news network.