Ethics of Newswriting 101

Story by Joape Pela

Ethics of Newswriting 101

SALT LAKE CITY- In a University of Utah newswriting class last Monday a guest speaker, Professor Jim Fisher, spoke about ethics in newswriting.

Fisher gave a few pointers to the class on how to be a better newswriter.

“He used and illustrated his examples of being a better newswriter clearly,” said Kent Ava.

A few of his examples were to be accountable, minimize harm ,act independently, seek the truth and report it.

In newswriting there are always two sides to a story right? Well not so fast, as Fisher stated to the class, “Every story has multiple sides.”

To some people they might think that every story has two sides. As Brenda mandudujano stated, “We tend to think that every story has a right and a wrong side.” A newswriter  has to get all sides of the story to be as accurate as possible.

As Fisher spoke to class it seems like the class got a good grasp of the ethics of newswriting. (168)