Greek City Grill

Story by Rachel Thomas

If you’re in the mood for authentic Greek food at an affordable price, Greek City Grill is the place for you.  Bob Daskalakis opened the restaurant in 2009 and can usually be found at the restaurant energetically turning out orders.
Although the restaurant may be small, the menu is anything but lacking with traditional food from gyros, spanakopita and souvlaki, to the not so traditional pastrami topped burger and halibut and chips. However, you can confidently order anything from the menu and not be disappointed.
To get this great tasting food you may have to look twice.  The restaurant is located on the corner of a small strip mall right off the freeway. Most Greek restaurants are noticeable by their blue and white colors representing the Greek flag.  Greek City Grill has no traditional Greek markings and is in turn often missed. Don’t let its location stop you from going, because once you get there the food is well worth the confusion.
Greek City Grill may be most famous for their gyros. In 2009 they were selected “Best of the Best” Gyros by the Salt Lake Tribune. Not only is Greek City Grill getting recognition by Utah food critics, it’s also caught the attention of some prominent figures in the community.  Dereon Williams, the former Utah Jazz player, is a big fan of the restaurant and even has a gyro named after him, the D-Will special. The D-Will was customarily created by Williams himself, and if you’re in the mood for something not on the menu just ask and the cooks are usually willing to put together just about anything.
The meat at Greek City Grill is freshly carved, perfectly seasoned and unbelievably moist.  One of the best parts about the restaurant is that the kitchen is so close you can watch your meal being prepared right before your eyes. Although the meaty gyros and souvlaki are considered the stars of the restaurant, the sides deserve to be spotlighted as well.
Greek City Grill offers you a variety of sides with your large portioned entrees. The sides you can chose from are fries, lemon rice, traditional Greek salad, fresh cooked zucchini and a cup of flavorful hummus. Each side is a delicious additive to an already perfect meal, but the standout of them all has to be the lemon rice.  People often return to Greek City Grill just to get an order of this fluffy strong lemon-flavored rice.
If the food descriptions haven’t convinced you, maybe the pricing will.  A gyro itself costs less than $5.00, and the largest combo meal costs less than $9.00.  If you’re looking for big flavor and low prices go check out Greek City Grill located on 6165 Highland Dr Salt Lake City, UT 84121.