New Museum Brings Science to Life

Story by Katie Andrus

New Museum Brings Science to Life
After beginning construction in 2005 the Natural History Museum of Utah is finally open to visitors and scientists alike.
This new 51,000 square foot museum features 10 exhibitions that were designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates along with the help of some of the museum staff members. They were able to bring together an interactive atmosphere that features cutting-edge science in which people can learn about the state of Utah and its very long history.
“You feel a little small, but maybe you also feel like you’re in a cathedral and the space is beginning to lift you up and getting you ready to learn, to receive information,” stated Todd Schliemann, the design architect for the building.
The 10 exhibits provide families with information on the weather, indigenous people, geography and biological features of the state of Utah.
“One of our goals was for families to be able to experience the museum together and so in each area you’ll find something to look at, something to listen to, something to smell we have smells, and something to do,” said Randy Irmis, a curator for the museum.
The museum also provides a place for children to have fun learning and discovering by conducting their own research. It can also be a place in which children can become inspired by science and begin to develop their own interest in what it takes to be a scientist.
Becky Menlove, an exhibit director for the museum, stated, “The opportunities for kids to explore science here are endless.”
For more information on what visitors can learn at the new museum, please visit the museum’s website at