Police Negligence Leads To Murder

Story by Alex Goff

Two Milwaukee police officers are suspended after a recently released transcript showed that they failed to perform their duties.

The transcript was of a dispatch call that was made by a Milwaukee resident, Glenda Cleveland.  She had seen a young boy naked and helpless on the street late at night and had called the police for help.  The boy was 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone whom Jeffrey Dahmer would later confess to killing.  The police responded to the call and followed up by getting the young boy back to Dahmer’s apartment.

According to the transcript, after Cleveland had called in the first time, she became skeptical of the procedure and why the officers had not taken more information from her.  She called back and was directed to the officer who had handled the event.

“The fact is a crime was being committed.  I am sure you must need, you know, some kind of information based on that…What it indicated was that this was a male child being raped and molested by an adult.”  This was Cleveland’s conversation with the officer taken from the transcript.

The officers involved had dismissed the event by telling Cleveland that, “it wasn’t a child, it was an adult,” and “…It’s a boyfriend-boyfriend thing.  And he’s got belongings at the house where he came from.”

The boy was later found raped and killed by Dahmer after the police had left his apartment and not apprehended him.