Trust in the Media is at an all time low

By: Callie Mendenhall

Americans are relying less on the media for their news because many feel that the information reported to them is either inaccurate or biased and one sided.

According to a survey of 1,501 people done by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International, media accuracy is at an all time low in the eyes of Americans.  Whether the media are trying to be biased or not, the viewers are getting their voices heard. In the recent survey polltakers say that in 2011, 77 percent of Americans feel that the media is one sided compared to only 53 percent in 1985.

The survey shows that there is a difference in the views of Americans according to their political views, but in any political party it still shows the same trend that people are becoming more and more intolerant of the media. Between Independents, Republicans and Democrats, 30 percent of them believe that stories are often inaccurate.

According to Rene Woody, a mass communication major at the University of Utah, “the news is definitely biased even if they don’t mean to be.”
Media may be hitting a low when it comes to accuracy, but there is still hope to bounce back. Madison Allred, a business finance major at the University of Utah, said, “I don’t notice it [the media] being biased and I think it’s pretty accurate.”

According to another University of Utah student, Lucas Falk, the media is “in general mostly accurate.”

There are two sides to every story and the consensus of America is that they would like to hear both and accurately.