Black Friday Mall Madness

Story by Morgan Heath

“The second the clock struck twelve; I could feel the floors shaking from the massive crowd running into the mall. Needless to say I was a little scared,” says Bridgette Boyland an employee at South Towne Mall.

When it comes to the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday is known for being a rush. This year South Towne Mall again opened it’s door to the public at midnight and remained opened till nine o’clock the next day.

Mall employees arrived earlier before the doors opened to get ready for the serious Black Friday shoppers.

Andrea Mena an employee for Journey’s arrived an hour early. ”This is a big day for shoppers, but it’s also a big day for me to make some serious money,” Mena explains.

Some of the retailer’s biggest deals of the year are displayed on Black Friday. It’s the day that people stand out in line fighting the cold and anxiously wait to get that good deal. Once the shoppers are inside the game is on; but is all this waiting and fighting for the good deal worth it in the end?

Hannah Campanzano is an expert in the art of Black Friday shopping and argues it’s not for the good deal is what attracts her to the sales. As she waited outside of South Towne mall before midnight with her friends, Campanzano explains the waiting and anticipation you get from Black Friday is what makes it worthwhile. “It’s a fun tradition to kick off Christmas and the holiday season. I do it for the excitement and while I’m at it get a good deal on something new for myself.”

The second the doors opened at South Towne was filled with all ages running from store to store. Flyers were handed out to let shoppers know every deal in every store. The foot traffic was heavy but somehow stayed in control. Corey Ellett is the head of security at South Towne Mall had only good things to say about Black Friday. “This year’s Black Friday turn out was no different than the last few years. It went smoothly which is what we hoped for. I have no complaints.”

Liz Attkinson, another security guard at South Towne was new to the Black Friday scene but was pleasantly surprised.

“I have never shopped on Black Friday, I don’t even leave my house. It was crazy to work it though. I actually had a lot of fun,” says Attkinson.

For those who frequently shop at South Towne mall on the average day agree with Attkinson first statement of never leaving the house on Black Friday.  Andrea Swensen frequently shops at Express and Victoria’s Secret at South Towne avoids the Black Friday holiday rush.

“I hate it. I hate crowds I’ve never shopped on Black Friday and would never get up early to stand in line to save a few bucks,” says Swenson.

Regardless, of what many may think about Black Friday it seemed to be a success at South Towne mall. Ellett, head of security did mention however they do not know the exact number of the Black Friday’s turn out, but will know by mid January.