Running Renews Life

Story by Megan Hulet
The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their ability to act.
In high school, Jimmy Haws was not the popular jock, nor was he the bookworm.  Haws said, “I was the crazy kid, the class clown.”
Dan Lopez, a good friend of Haws since elementary school said, “Jimmy is a good hard worker.  He likes to laugh and always cracks jokes.  He is a little crazy. “
Haws struggled with weight issues during his teen years and said classmates often made fun of him.  He said, “I was pretty much the butt of every joke.  I tried to laugh about it…I knew those kids just wanted to look good in front of their friends.”
Haws wasn’t happy with his life.  He said, “I felt like crap every day.” He recounted a story of when he first started to change his life around. “I remember coming home every day from school feeling so tired and fatigued.  Just walking was tiresome.  I kept thinking to myself, ‘Man, I wish I were fit.’’’
“One day I decided I would start running.  I picked a route and would run a little ways and each day I would go farther than the day before.”  The training process was grueling, but Haws said that it was nice to come home each day from a run feeling so tired, but he felt like he had accomplished something great and wanted more.
Haws started running in 2005. He got into running triathlons by 2006.  Haws said, “I saw my brother do a triathlon and I just thought that was cool.  Then I did one and became addicted.”
Haws has competed in dozens of races since he first started.  Some of the races include:  Salt Lake Marathon/10K/5k, Icebreaker Triathlon, Turkey Trot, Freedom Half Marathon, Red Rock Half Marathon, Utah Lake Century Epic Race (111 miles of biking) and the Utah Valley marathon.
One of the great motivators for Haws to start running was his brother. He said, “I looked up to my older brother a lot.  He was a super athlete and smart at everything.  He helped me strengthen myself.”

Although running is a very prominent part in Haw’s life, there is a great deal more to him.  Haws is very involved in the community, where he is part of the Big Brother’s program.
Haws has even shared his love of running with his ‘little brother.’ They both ran together in the Butch Cassidy 10K run.  When asked what the main thing was that he has taken from the Big Brother program he said, “It has taught me how valuable kids are.  How they grow, how they look up to you and the example you need to be for them.”
Jessica Rex, a good friend of Haws said, “Jimmy is a hard worker.  He is very sincere and he cares about people.  He would do anything for anyone.”
Haws is also a family man.  He lives at home where he takes care of his mom and sister.  Haws said, “I am trying to help out with the family now that dad is gone.  It has helped me to realize the importance of family.”
Mary Haws, his sister, said, “He is basically amazing.  I look up to him so much.”
Haws said, “Never hold back.  Strive for excellence.  Never think that you’re mediocre.  Never stop.  Life is a struggle and it is going to be hard.  Improve every day and always look forward to the next day and think of things you can do better.”