Summer Sales becoming the new “trendy job” in Utah

By Daniel Paniagua

According to Tristan DiCristifano, regional manager of Linx, summer sales jobs have become the new “trendy job” for young men.

On Saturday, Linx, a door-to-door satellite and Internet sales company, hosted their early season seminar.  According to their website, Linx is becoming the largest DISH network retailer and has recruited over 600 salesmen for the summer of 2012.

“I am 23 years old and I am making six figures in just a summer,” said DiCristifano, “door-to-door sales jobs are exploding here in Utah. Why? Because you make great money and everyone is starting to discover that.”

During the seminar there were many young men and few young women that seemed to be eager and excited about their new upcoming sales opportunities.  However, there were a few in the seminar congregation who were not. James Pan, an attendee, found the seminar to be quite upsetting. He explained how his own experience of door-to-door sales in the previous year has lead him to believe that the compensation is not as high as Linx promises.

“It’s a scam; they just want you to make sales so the people at the top can make more money,” said Pan. “They will promise you thousands of dollars before you sell and when the paycheck comes, it is not even close to what they promised.”

Some attendees had different concerns when it came to spending an entire summer knowing doors.

During the seminar, 22-year-old Daryl Jay, an attendee, outwardly expressed his concern to the managers of Linx.

“I just hope that it can be a fun job and knocking doors won’t be the only thing you do for an entire summer,” said Jay

According to various opinions such as 20-year-old Jordan Greenwood, a previous summer salesmen, not a lot of people would finish a summer selling if there were no incentives.

Linx, like many other summer sales companies, host annual weeklong cruises for all the top salesmen and saleswomen of the year.

“I am definitely going to sell this summer again. The Linx cruise was the highlight of my year,” said Ryan Stewart, a former salesman of Linx. “I’m not missing another opportunity to have fun and make a lot of money.”

After the seminar, several first year salesmen and saleswomen investigators spoke with the managers of Linx. The most common question that was asked was, “what is the catch?” One of the Linx managers, Aaron Shaw admitted that the job is not for everyone because some still find the knocking hours to be long and a difficult obstacle to overcome.