Teenager Found Shot After Suspicious Activity Reported

by: Evelyn Call

Sanford, Fl.–Police were dispatched to a local apartment complex on Monday, Feb. 26, after George Zimmerman, a resident, reported suspicious activity in the area.  Upon arrival, authorities discovered an African American teenager, Trayvon Martin, shot dead.   Police questioned Zimmerman in connection with the shooting.

Zimmerman placed a 911 call to report an African American teenager behaving strangely in the neighborhood.  He reported that the suspect, later identified as Martin, seemed to be “on drugs,” according to Zimmerman.  In transcripts of the 911 call released yesterday, Zimmerman attempted to follow the suspect but was advised by dispatch to stop and wait for authorities.

According to police reports, upon arrival, police found Martin face down and non-responsive, with apparent gun shot wounds.  Zimmerman also found at the scene, in possession of a handgun.  Police questioned Zimmerman but did not arrest him at the time of the incident.   According to a brief written by city manager, Norton Bonaparte, Jr., the physical evidence supported Zimmerman’s claims that he shot the teen in self-defense.  Zimmerman was in legal possession of the firearm.

Police and paramedics attempted to revive Martin on the scene but were unable.  He was pronounced dead at 7:30 p.m.  Authorities questioned witnesses in the area and the investigation is ongoing.  Police will continue to monitor the situation to determine whether or not Zimmerman acted in self-defense like he claimed.