The positivity of Alex & Ani

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Story by Carly Adair

         Alex & Ani is a jewelry company that has recently excelled in the business world. Currently at its peak, the company is not expected to excel for many more years. The company’s mission statement is to create jewelry that changes lives. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in America, made out of eco-friendly materials, and has a deeper meaning to it that gives it importance.

Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, Alex & Ani started in 2004. According to Chad Cox, a manager at the Alex & Ani in Salt Lake City, the store is always busy, and the workers have almost have no down time because they are always helping customers. Chad said “on Black Friday last year, there were lines out of the door for people wanting to shop at Alex & Ani.”

Alex & Ani is a trend company, primarily making bangle bracelets with charms on them. Each bangle bracelet comes in a gold or silver finish; essentially there is something for everyone. Each piece of jewelry is supposed to bring positive energy into your life and make a lasting impact. Chad spouts information about how many of the pieces are classic, and how some of them are trend pieces. The jewelry that Alex & Ani makes is designed to be classic, but with how popular the company is at the moment, the jewelry may just be a fad.

Alex and Ani does not have a primary demographic but a “wide variety of people who shop at Alex & Ani, young teenage girls, mothers, grandmothers, husbands shopping for wives, or even boyfriends shopping for girlfriends. There are even guys on occasion that shop for themselves.”

Something very amazing about this company is how much they give back. With a line of jewelry called “Charity By Design”, 20 percent of each piece of jewelry goes to a different charity, cause, or foundation. There are almost 50 different organizations that Alex & Ani gives back to, each one holding a 2 year agreement with the company. Charity By Design is what keeps Alex & Ani alive, with giving back to a good cause, the company will hopefully continue to excel. Although, Alex & Ani is a trend company, and is not expected to stay as popular for much longer, Charity By Design helps them strive for greatness. In just the year of 2015, Charity By Design has already given back 2 million dollars to the American Heart Association.

According to Chad, “Alex & Ani also has a very special process of who works for the company. With many interviews and background checks, it is important that we find people with a positive outlook on life that are willing to help people make a positive impact in their life with meaningful jewelry”. There are certain charms that Alex & Ani makes that really create a positive impact. For instance, the Path of Life charm, means strength, motivation, and knowledge. It is great for people that need a change in their life or that are going through hard times.

Chad explains that people come in with life altering stories and look for charms to remedy their lives or bring themselves happiness through the charms. Chad says that, “working for Alex & Ani is such a reward in itself. I get to see how the jewelry makes people happy, and how it makes such an amazing impact on our community—not to mention, the people I work with are pretty amazing as well, we’re like a tight-knit family”. In a nutshell, Alex & Ani aims to be the cure-all for anyone looking to incorporate positive vibes into their daily lives.