Bianca Velasquez

I am very hung 12299157_206070143062998_718410302592674857_nover right now. First thing about me, I love to frequent Twilite Bar. Last night I went to said bar. I lost my mail key. It is probably in the booth where I drank that stranger’s forgotten Long Island.

I have a podcast/website. It is called Localmotive. On this website/podcast I travel the country interviewing bands, artist, businesses, and such.

1201_257988354537843_2060426897525036464_nI draw cartoons. My cartoons are displayed on instagram, tumblr, and it’s own website. @happybutton_ (Instagram).

I also model for local vintage shops and promote them on my website and other things. I have a Youtube channel called Pinata TV. On this channel I get together with other comedians and we educate the masses about Latin American culture.

I’m in a band called Dream Slut. I play guitar and sing about boys with my band mate Jessica, who is also my roommate.I also have another site where I make neon lights. It is called Neon Bite. Haha, get it? I also make custom Pinatas on this site.