Mike Haglund


About me:

I graduated from Cottonwood High School in 2009. Growing up I played all kinds of sports, but once I got to high school, I found my true passion: water polo. I played for 3 years in high school, then played just one year at the University of Utah. I realized I wasn’t cut out to play at a higher level, so I began coaching. My high school didn’t have it’s own water polo team – I played with an East, Highland hybrid team – so me and one of my teammates at the U did some recruiting and started the Cottonwood Water Polo program back up. I have been coaching there ever since. I love my job, and love working with kids. In 2014 I was nominated for the Eastern Conference Girls Coach of the Year, and in 2015 I was awarded Utah State Coach of the Year.

I took a break from school for a few years after my Freshman year to work, and began attending the University of Utah once again in Fall of 2013. It has taken me several semesters to find what I’m really interested in studying. After meeting with my academic advisor, she suggested I look into the Communications department. I have really enjoyed the classes I’ve taken, and am set to graduate Spring 2017 with a degree in Strategic Communications.

Stories I’ve written:

The Life of a New York Editor

Good cop, good cop

Social Media