Misty Packer

About me: 

Salt Lake City, UT –> Redlands, CA –> Las Vegas, NV –> Spanish Fork, UT –> Ferndale, WA –> Springville, UT –> Kingman, AZ –> Nashville, TN –> Richmond, VI –> Salt Lake City, UT

I went to Canada once for five minutes.

I mistakenly told a Deaf man in sign language that coconut was my “birthday” instead of my “favorite.” They’re very similar signs.

When I was in kindergarten I told everyone my name was Angelica (from Rugrats) and that I wanted to be an Ice Cream Man when I grew up.

I tried to go blonde once and turned red instead.

I once entered into a scary story contest and won second place. I was in the first grade.

I read a 600 page book in a day. I didn’t sleep.

I almost drowned in a lake and am now afraid of water.

I’m dating a Navy Sailor.

Every time I get chocolate-chip waffles I eat the entire box in one sitting and usually don’t regret it.

Have you ever heard of Challah bread? Google it. It looks delicious right? I know how to make that. And I know how to make it good.

One time I got food poisoning right after playing Mario and now I get a little nauseous every time I see him.

I have a cat, Curie, and she only has one eye and wakes me up at five in the morning every day.