Malibu Jack’s: bringing fun Hollywood-style to Kentucky

By Angel Cortes

The ocean, palms trees, and entertainment as seen in Hollywood inspire the creators of a fun center, Malibu Jack’s to come up with an idea to bring a piece of California to Lexington and Louisville in Kentucky. Malibu Jack’s started as an idea when owners Terry Hatton, his son Bryan and his brother Steve sat together thinking what was going to be their next successful business. Bryan said that before Malibu Jack’s there was a scarcity of family entertainment in Kentucky. He mentions that there were movies theaters, ice cream places, but nothing that involved fun for all ages.

Hatton said, that “we  are looking for ways that the  community could embrace fun that will pass on generations to generations.” Hatton  reflects that he wanted to open a business where families could enjoyed a time together and convert Malibu Jack’s into a cultural center. Where fathers could bring their children to Malibu Jack’s and create a place that has the perfect setting for gathering the community together. “Malibu Jack’s is successful and great when customers and their families are able to enjoy time spent together,” he said.

They faced some challenges before they could open a business of such magnitude. The most challenging  was finding the right building. They wanted to find a place that was accessible to the people in the  community that could comfortably fit the attraction they had in mind, and close to the interstate in a growing metropolis. In Lexington the Hattons found a building of 50,000 square feet that was essential to the creative ideas that they had in mind.

One of the things that Hatton mentions is that they wanted to open the business as soon as possible. However,  they had some step backs because they had to repair some things in the building. Once they had done the repairs in the building they moved forward to build the first Malibu Jack’s in Lexington, Kentucky. The first business attractions were miniature golf, go karts, and arcade. The miniature golf is one of the main attractions. The miniature golf course include palm trees, waterfalls, and a big giant shark. One of the newer attractions is the Xrider. Is a 4d motion simulator with hydraulic seats that make it feel as if were really on a roller coaster with great graphics and wind “The success of Malibu Jack’s is making the customers happy and this is demonstrated by the returning of its clients,” Hatton said.

The Hattons employ a good code of ethics. They make sure that each individual is treated fairly, both customers and employees. What business skills did it take to make Malibu Jack’s successful? Bryan said it was  hard work, communication with people to make good deals, and his motivation to be able to help the community are the most important to him.. One of their goals is to open more businesses and continue to franchise, expand their business. Another of his goals with Malibu Jack’s is to make a certain amount of money per business quarter. Malibu Jack’s have customers anywhere from 100 to 2,000 per day. Because of the success of the first Malibu Jack’s in Lexington they opened another one in Louisville, Kentucky.

“Our company loves offering a place where friends and family members of all ages can come together and have a great time and make memories together while having fun at Malibu Jack’s,”

Bryan Hatton said. “When this continues to happen is when Malibu Jack’s is the most successful.”