Lodestone Regional Park: The new face of Kearns Township


By Heilala Potesio

On the hillside straddling the border of West Valley City and unincorporated Kearns Township, residents will soon be able to enjoy a break away from work, chores, video games and television. The beautiful landscapes of the Oquirrh Mountains and the striking views of Kennecott’s tailings piles from the mines in Bingham and Barney’s canyons will encourage residents to engage in active recreation, and soon they’ll have a designated spot to do it: Lodestone Regional Park.

The future regional park will have lots of open grassy areas, playing fields and ball diamonds, pickle ball, tennis and basketball courts, separate playgrounds for little kids and bigger ones, pavilions and a perimeter walking path.

“The undergoing planning and construction of the regional park started since 2012 with the approval of salt lake county voters,” explained Mayor Ben McAdams in a conference.

The 62-acre park at 6170 W. 5990 South, is the first of three regional parks that was planned and is undergoing construction through a $47 million bond approved by Salt Lake County voters in 2012.

About $5 million from the bond has been devoted for the planning and construction of the Lodestone Regional Park, this development will help liven the Kearns township community. McAdams said, “It’s a great place for friends and neighbors to get together.”

Kearns Township has been growing with many settlements and homes being constructed near the new regional park. State Sen. Karen Mayne mentioned, “The planning of the park matches community desires. Look at the homes. Look at the growth. We need open space.”

The regional park will become a place for the common good, to bring people from the east and various locations in West Valley and in Kearns to enjoy one another’s company and play.

Since Kearns Township is a tight-knit community, the park will strengthen its community and provide an open space for many recreational activities. “My nephews enjoy playing football and lacrosse, this new park will be an open space for them to play with their teammates and friends,” said local resident Lelu Po’uha.

Developments for the Park

Utah is known for its beautiful mountains and landscapes, and many locals love to spend their time outdoors. Since 2012, voters have been more aware of this and they have noticed the importance of having their children play outside. Mayor Ben McAdams explained, “We live in a time when children are more acquainted with the internet and technology. We need to provide ways for children to be proactive!”

The development of Lodestone Park is to combat childhood obesity and promote recreational activity. The park is centered in an area by single family homes in an area that continues to grow. As families move into the area they will be familiar with the park and utilize it for their recreational needs.

“We have a growing need for this park and many members in our community will be benefit from it,” said Paula Larsen, Chair of Kearns Community Council. The council has played an important role as a voice for the Kearns Township community and working alongside government officials to help develop and implement the regional park.

The Kearns Community

Kearns is a very diverse community. It was the location for the former 2002 Winter Olympics, in which the township hosted some of the winter sports events. For many local residents, Kearns has been their home for many generations and a melting pot of various Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Asian and African cultures. As Paula Larsen said, “We are a prideful community! We come from different ethnicities and walks of life but we love our little town!”

The planning of the park has received positive reviews from local members in the community. “We have a successful little league football team and we have recently organized a lacrosse team,” said David Tongolei, local football coach.

“I am looking forward to this park to provide a new face of Kearns!” proclaimed Remi Eavenson, single mother and local resident.

“We need to liven up our little town! This regional park will attract more people from different places,” said Lelu Po’uha, local resident.

Lodestone Regional Park will become the new face of Kearns.

For more information:

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