The Creative Mind of Tessa Barton

The story of a successful photographer, musician, and blogger who is pursuing her dreams and influencing the world around her.

By Kailen Stucki

“I am a photographer, a musician, fashion obsessed, 6 foot tall adventurer.” This is how Tessa Barton described herself with an interview for Urban Outfitters. Barton is a small town Salt Lake City girl that has found a way to merge all of her favorite interests into an influencing lifestyle in New York City. Barton is still discovering herself but what she has found, it is with great excitement. “I dabble in many creative fields from fashion to fine art, photography to music. I have yet to define what I do but find that it all works under one umbrella as one energy and income.”

Growing up in Salt Lake, Barton was surrounded by artistic influences within her family. Her mom is her biggest creative muse in her life, due to the lives she has transformed and the world she has changed through her art and interior design. Barton fed off her roots; she hosted art classes for her neighborhood starting at the young age of 11. Barton found herself born with creative bones head to toe, especially when she was 16 and pursued her dreams at the fashion design program of Parsons in New York. Today, she resides in NY, chasing her dreams and collaborating with other artistic influences. “Moving has been one of the best things I have ever done. NY from the outside can seem chaotic with a massively intimidating culture of people who don’t have time for you, when in fact it is the exact opposite. I have been so surprised by how inviting it has felt.” Barton finds ways every day to incorporate her creativity and passion for the world around herself and others.

Photographer. With over 90,000 followers, Barton’s Instagram is an inspiring, artistic source for many. Expanding photography norms, Barton finds ways to create and recreate, always having a fresh idea in mind. From intimate Salt Lake City weddings to New York Fashion Week, Barton has done a wide range of work, growing herself and her images as a photographer. Tessa Barton’s photography is a way in which she sees the beauty of the world around her and a way to express herself.

Musician. Tessa eats, sleeps and breathes music. Her family band, Luna Lune, played shows all over Utah. Through this band, Barton found another form of expressing herself and her art by writing music, being a guitarist and singer in her band. She had opportunities to play in other local SLC bands and working on musical projects everyday. Barton and Mason Brewer, formed The Band Doe, her third project, and they are currently traveling around the states performing at gigs on the east and west. Barton shared, “Performing is probably one of my favorite things to do, I love connecting with people and sharing music.” With her inspiring friends and family, Barton has made a unique sound and loves sharing it with the world.

Fashion Blogger. Barton’s creative eye is expressed most commonly through her clothing. You can find Barton wearing a mass of jewelry, funky pants and boots with a trendy jacket on top. She is not a typical dresser; she tells a story with her clothing and always finds a way to make it artistic and unique. Her blog is filled with seasonal fashion advice from blue jeans to statement jackets. Along with other exciting beauty tips and tricks to her worldwide adventures, Barton never fails to keep readers intrigued and interested in her life. Recently, she did a backstage photo shoot for New York’s Fashion Week, snapping pictures of famous models such as Gigi Hadid. She continues to collaborate with other noteworthy artists such as Leanne Marshall, a famous dress designer. Barton fashions opportunities in her life and lives her dreams and passions everyday.

“Blocking out the people who don’t believe in you, who laugh at your dreams and think they sound silly. I think that is the hardest part of pursuing anything in the art industry is that people don’t believe you can be truly successful when in reality that is the mentality that will hold you back.” No matter how much doubt is thrown at her, Barton encourages us all to stay true to ourselves. She is a free spirit, creative soul and beautiful human. I admire the way she is able to make her life the way she wants it and loves every minute of it. In a Free People interview, Barton states, “I don’t know the last time I was bored ha, I just love life too much!” She finds a way to constantly be producing, expressing, sharing and creating the life she loves. As her social media profile suggests, her crazy life has brought inspiration to over 90,000 people and I am definitely one of them.


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