Vaofua Kaili

About Me

 Vaofua Kaili is in her third year at the University of Utah majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Political Science. She plans on going to law school for her graduate degree to become a prosecutor for special victims. Vaofua wants to help be a voice for those who have been assaulted and hopes to change the way the justice system unfairly treats victims. She hopes to use her skills as a writer to help educate and inform others about sexual assault and trauma. Her passion for traveling around the world has helped her to see the mistreatment of women and children in different countries. She hopes to one day expand her services to specifically help women and children receive the basic needs they deserve. Vaofua volunteers at women’s health clinics and special needs homes for the elderly in her free time. She will be interning this upcoming summer at Fox 13 News and at a legal clinic for special victims.

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