Abigail Sabir



After sharing my chosen major of strategic communication at the University of Utah, and hearing the usual response of “communicating is important,” or “What can you even do with that?” I soon found myself also doubting the strength of my desired degree. As I got further into the required courses, I was quickly assured that strategic communication is not only challenging, but also applicable to many real-life skills.

When I started the Intro to News Writing course, I had intentions to breeze through assignments with minimal challenge. However, I was quickly proved wrong. Throughout the semester, the requirement to pitch a story idea, interview sources, write a lengthy story on the chosen topic to then be published was daunting.

As I struggled to choose a relevant topic for my enterprise story, I turned to my interest for community involvement to guide my focus. I work at a local business as a baker, and love to see the interactions between various local businesses and their involvement with the community. That interest guided my choice of topic on local businesses giving back to charity.

I was surprised to find out that many businesses that give back are not as recognized or obvious in the community. It took more effort than expected to choose the most fitting philanthropic businesses for my story. When I chose to write about Even Stevens, Cotopaxi and Stonehaven Dental, I was lucky to have very accessible sources found through the various websites. Those websites led me to be connected with my sources via email, that gave me the in-depth information to develop my story.

I found that after I decided on my main idea, each new interview and the supplemental research done, led me in a more exciting direction. I made sense of the extensive information through narrowing it down to what was the most relevant to my focus of spending money locally to contribute to philanthropic efforts.

Through writing my enterprise story, I found myself in need many of the skills taught in the course. To use all of the AP style rules, correctly make attributions and not stray from the focus of my story was a source of struggle through the writing process. I not only strengthened my writing skills, and gained more interest in the interaction between local businesses and charity in Salt Lake Valley.


I am currently a student at the University of Utah, pursuing a bachelor of science in strategic communication and minoring in health, with an expected graduation date of Spring 2019. I am from the Bay Area in California and have been living in Utah for four years. 

I spent my first year in Utah attending Salt Lake Community College before transferring to the University of Utah. Upon coming to The U, I got involved in the Alpha Phi sorority. Shortly thereafter, I joined the national online magazine called Her Campus as a writer.

I have a passion for connecting with others, writing, traveling and culinary arts. When I am not attending school, I work as a baker at a local bakery called Poppies, and spend my free time with friends and family.