Jackson Caldwell


  • Kindergarten: the new first grade


For my story I wanted to write about a topic that I discuss daily. My first idea was about gun control and the second, education. I am passionate about guns and that is one of my hobbies. However, I wanted to write about something more local. My wife is a kindergarten teacher and we are always talking about education in the state of Utah.

When I decided to write about kindergarten I wanted to make it more personal. I went to my wife’s school and asked teachers, educators and parents if I could interview them. I wanted to get three different viewpoints, the teacher who is directly working with the kids, the administration that links the government to the kids, and parents who will see the real growth outside of the class.

My focus was on the students and if kindergarten needs to be mandatory in the state of Utah. I wanted to focus on the impact that kindergarten had on the students and if it needed to be mandatory.

My story had all the elements I wanted to include from my research phase. If I could do it over again, I would try to interview someone from the state of Utah legislature to get the government’s perspective.

I found this story hard to form and write. I have written papers in APA format but writing in AP style was a change. Overall, I found that I really enjoyed this assignment. I was able to broaden my writing skills and get experience writing to tell a story.


My name is Jackson Caldwell. I am working full time and studying strategic communication at the University of Utah. I hope to work in a marketing or strategic communication role when I graduate. I am an avid sports fan and love Utah.