Lori Kunz



My story on Rescue Animals Needing Transportation (RANT) found me. I was scrolling through Facebook one morning waiting for the train. A childhood friend had posted about a new animal rescue organization she had founded. After reading her post, I knew that my story had to be about her and her foundation.

The sources for my story came with the organization. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly.

The founder was the best source for my story. Her passion was inspirational and I wanted to communicate that in my story. I hope that everyone who reads my story will find value in it.

I fortunately did not encounter many obstacles that affected the story.

After many, many drafts and reading and re-reading my story, I started to see a flow of how the information should be written and told.

The writing process was slow at first. It gained momentum and flowed out of me. I learned that when I put my energy into writing it turns out to be something I can be proud of.

There was more detail than the story had room for.

I was surprised that after the first interview, the other two were easy. I wasn’t personally invested and I didn’t have to be. The story wasn’t about me. The story was about them and their passion for animal rescue transportation. I had to tell it in a way that they would make them proud.


Lori Kunz has worked in real estate for over 25 years. She began working in residential mortgage. After a divorce she raised her daughter and found that working in residential and commercial mortgage provided her with a stable salary and benefits.

After her daughter was grown and had moved out, Lori made the decision to go back to school for a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Previously she graduated from Snow College with an associate degree.

Today she is employed at a commercial mortgage company and is a junior at the University of Utah as a part-time student. She hopes to graduate in 2020.