Parker Schlaf



After finishing my first day in my first communication class, I was nervous. I had never taken a class that required me to pitch a story to my peers, interview sources for my story and then post my story on a website where anybody could potentially read it. I was intimidated to say the least.

After taking a leisurely stroll around the University of Utah’s campus I found myself drawn to something familiar.

Tony Caputo opened his U campus location in 2008 and ever since it’s been a major success. I have only known about Caputo’s for a few years now, but even then I know how authentic and fresh everything is. I then wondered how many people knew that there was a Caputo’s location on the U’s campus. I wrote my enterprise story on  the Caputo’s location on the U’s campus. I highlighted the restaurant and also gave brief background detail on Caputo and his ever growing business.

I knew that the employees at the campus location were very friendly and approachable making them possible sources. I also wanted to have a few customer sources as well to be able to get a few perspectives on the company and the food.

Knowing I could interview my roommate, Sam Fox, who is an avid Caputo’s customer, and Joelle Bleiman, who has come with me to Caputo’s before, I only had to get in contact with one of the employees. Making the connection with somebody I have never met made me nervous. I was going to have to ask a complete stranger how he liked his job as well as other semi-personal questions.

I decided to go in one day near closing to see if I could talk with one of the employees. Sean Rorke, one of the leading employees there, was very happy to chat with me. The other employee who was working was not interested in answering any questions.

Even though I was nervous going into this class and developing my enterprise story, I successfully accomplished everything I was worried about and more.  


After spending most of my childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, I moved to the Ogden Valley in 2011 with my family. And after graduating high school in 2015 I then moved to the Salt Lake Valley to attend college.

I am a third-year student at the University of Utah studying strategic communication and hoping to be graduating in the next two years. I love the U and can’t wait to continue on with my degree.

I am an avid skier and snowboarder and I love nothing more than spending my days exploring around the Wasatch Mountains finding new places to hike and ski.

I am not positive on where my life will take me, but I know that I am doing the things I love and progressing in the right directions.