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When it comes to developing ideas for a story I begin with thinking about what would interest me. Once I’ve narrowed it down to a few things that interest me I will go over those ideas and look into if there are sources that I could actually speak to or not.

Locating sources can be a challenge so I usually try to find something that is more publicly available so I can speak to sources directly instead of being funneled through their public relations department.

The best sources for my story were ultimately my family in regards to the subject I wrote about “The Mormon mission experience.” They were able to provide me information far beyond the scope of what I even thought I would be able to get.

That led to an issue when I was in the process of writing I realized that I had an overabundance of material, which caused me to have an extensive article written. I decided to focus more on the life in the mission aspect when writing my story as that was most interesting to me. So, I just figured if it was interesting to me it’d be interesting to readers who have no idea what a mission even is.

Luckily when writing my story, I was able to avoid any ethical or moral dilemmas as my story was more like a slice of life narrative and not some nitty gritty hard-hitting scandal.

There’s nothing from this story that I would include in my blog as I feel that I’ve told it adequately and to the best of my knowledge.

I was surprised by how much I don’t enjoy news writing. I am more of an advertising or public relations person so news writing just doesn’t interest me like at all.


As a child my mother would always read to me, which sparked my love for the written word as well as the spoken word. Throughout middle school and high school, I always knew that I wanted to do something in regards to business and the public’s perception of a company.

When I graduated from Cottonwood High School in the spring of 2012 I decided to take a break from school and live in the real world. In the fall of 2013 I started taking classes at Salt Lake Community College in pursuit of an associate of science degree.

After receiving my AS in General Studies at the end of the Spring 2016 semester I transferred to the University of Utah.

I considered the many majors open to me: business administration, strategic communication, journalism, accounting and marketing. After a semester of uncertainty, I decided that I wanted to major in strategic communication.

Strategic communication interested me the most as it deals with advertising and public relations and how to compile data to best reach people and alter their views of things whether it be a product, company or person.

Once I finish at the U, I will use my superior creativity to go into advertising to create new and exciting things for the masses to love.