Reflection Blog- Meredith Searight

While writing my enterprise story I developed my ideas by thinking of things that I’m passionate about that I knew were in Salt Lake City. When I was thinking of ideas I came across an article published in the Daily Utah Chronicle that sparked my interest. The article was about the lack of diversity in the Greek community at the University of Utah, so I started brainstorming based off of the topic of diversity in the U’s Greek system.

I located my sources by contacting the president of Delta Gamma who I knew would be a great starting point for gathering information. The Delta Gamma president was very helpful and sent me the contact list of the presidents on Greek row at the U. I was able to contact all of them and the majority of the presidents were very helpful in giving me information. I also contacted the Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life who was very helpful due to the fact she runs the whole Greek system at the U.

While writing my story, I did encounter one obstacle when trying to get all the sororities and fraternity’s presidents to email me back. In an effort to solve this problem, I simply just emailed a reminder to the presidents to try to gather more surveys. In order to make sense of all the information that I gathered, I set up my surveys in a certain format that fit the way I wanted to write my story. As for my writing process, at first it was a mess, but after getting guidance from my professor I was steered on the right path. I also learned that I do better when I narrow in my ideas for my article before I start writing.

By organizing my article in such a constructive way, I was able to get all the details I needed into the article. I was surprised to find out how respectful and welcoming the Greek system really is. I thought for sure I would hear one or two incidents of discrimination in the chapters but I never did. Overall I find myself more drawn to editorial writing after completing this assignment. I just had to struggle the whole time while writing not to stray to creating an editorial piece.