Reflections on Illuminate

by Eylül Yel

I came across Illuminate while checking out upcoming events in Salt Lake City. It intrigued me because it was the first time an event like this was going to take place in Utah.

Once I decided that I will write an event story about Illuminate, I visited the Utah Arts Alliance website where I found in depth information about the event and the producers of the event including their contact information.

I conducted an interview with the producer of the event  to find out more information before attending the event. The interview helped me find out more about how the event was created, where he got the idea from and the obstacles he has faced along the way.

I attended the event on Nov. 10 and saw all the artwork in action. During the event, I had the chance of meeting employees from the Utah Arts Alliance as well as artists who showcased their work. I was able to talk to some of the participating artists and learn more about their craft and how they decided to participate in the event.

I conducted another interview with the executive producer after the festival to get his thought on how the event went and what his future plans are regarding Illuminate to include in my story.

While writing the final draft of the story, I used much of the information I have gathered during my interview with the producer before the event, then I put together my observations and notes from the event and included them in the story. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to write this event story.

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