Reflections on Tinder

Annie Ricks

When I began thinking about story ideas, I knew from the get go that I wanted to write about something relevant in today’s society and something that I would enjoy reading. The idea of Tinder had been in my head for quite some time because I have been intrigued by its popularity in today’s society. Most everyone has used Tinder before or at least heard of it so I figured it would be a topic worth writing about. This topic of online dating apps comes up in many of my daily conversations with all types of people I meet, whether they have had negative or positive experiences with the app. Everyone has either has been or knows someone who has been successful on Tinder; however, everyone also knows someone who has had a bad experience with this app.

When I decided to write about Tinder, the first person who came to mind was my sorority sister, Erin. She has the best Tinder success story and she is very open when talking about it. She was very eager to be interviewed and was full of interesting comments about how she and her boyfriend met and how their relationship has evolved. I was surprised to learn how many people have had odd or funny encounters on Tinder. There were far more funny stories than creepy ones. I was also surprised that most individuals said they use Tinder just out of boredom or for a confidence boost, most aren’t even looking to date. The Tinder craze we see in our modern world doesn’t seem to stop growing however this raises concern for the safety of those engaging in the app. Many studies have shown that a rise in STD rates could be linked to the rise in online-dating users. Could this mean that the amount of online-dating users will start to decrease or will this craze keep on spiraling out of control? To read more about Tinder and this issue, click here.