Chandley Chynoweth



For my enterprise story I wanted to make sure I was writing about something really meaningful to people. I thought about what could make a difference in people’s lives and I decided to write about opioid addiction and if medical marijuana could be a better solution.

I wanted to educate people about opioids and let them know the dangers of taking them. I also wanted to find out if there are better alternatives so people can avoid starting them in the first place. A family friend works as a neurologist in Provo, Utah, and I knew he would be a great source to interview. I also know a medical assistant so I interviewed her as well. My final source was a friend who lives in California who currently uses medical marijuana as a replacement forhis pain pills.

Some issues I encountered was that the neurologist wanted to remain anonymous because medical marijuana is not legal in Utah. I asked him what I could refer to him as and he said Dr. R. The medical assistant also wanted to remain somewhat anonymous, so she said I could use her first name and last initial, Michelle C.

After my interviews it became clear that all three of my sources believed medical marijuana was a better alternative than opioid medication. So while writing this I tried to tell each of their stories in an informative way that correctly represented their beliefs. I wanted to interest my readers while giving them the facts about opioid use and the destruction it can cause.

I really enjoyed interviewing Dr. R because he was so knowledgeable about this topic. I learned a lot about opioid addiction and how common it is in Utah. I was surprised by how many patients come to a doctor just seeking opioids, or to try to sell them. It was also surprising that two medical professionals both thought medical marijuana could really help people, and yet it’s not legal in Utah.

I enjoyed writing this story and I am glad I chose this topic. I think it is really important to spread awareness of this opioid epidemic and show people there are other alternatives to these drugs. If anything I hope my story can stop people from taking them because all it takes is one prescription to ruin a life.

New profiel


I am 25 years old and currently attending the University of Utah. I love to read and I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I love traveling and exploring new places. After I graduate I hope to travel around Europe before starting a career. My family is the most important thing to me, along with my cat named Khaleesi.

I will be graduating from the U in fall 2018 with a degree in communication. I have been planning on applying to law school but I am still keeping my options open. I enjoy working with people and working in the business industry. If I don’t end up going to law school I will hopefully start a career in business.