Morgan Stewart



With the society that we live in it is becoming more and more common to compare ourselves to others. Media in all forms are extremely present in society even for young children. My entire life I have struggled with self-image and low self-esteem as many others have too. But what is different now than when I was a child is the easy access to social media, a platform designed specifically to show other people what you want them to see about your life.

Recently while scrolling through Instagram I came across a profile of someone who was discussing the harmful effects of social media. The profile described the connection between social media and comparison, depression and even increased suicide rates. This was terrifying to me. I know that when I get on social media it is easy to feel all of those effects and emotions but I have been able to turn it off and forget about it. However, others are not.

Originally this is the story I wanted to tell. The damaging effects of social media and how it is affecting us as adults and our youth. How easy these platforms make it for us to compare our lives, beauty and worth to others. This was until I learned of the Kite sisters. Lindsay and Lexie Kite are graduates of the University of Utah and creators of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined.

These women are some of the most knowledgeable women I have learned about. And they have created a message that should be shared with all young girls and adults around the world. The women portray everything that it means to be strong, healthy and beautiful from the inside out. Instead of discussing the damage that can come from social media these women discuss the importance of positive body image and how we can learn to deal with the harmful ideologies portrayed in the media. The identical twins travel the world teaching women how to redefine what beauty means and that our looks do not define us.

IMG-3927.JPGThis is now the story that I want to share. The story of these two incredible sisters who have an even more incredible message to share with the world about the importance of body image positivity.


I am currently a strategic communication major at the University of Utah and will be graduating in the spring of 2019. Currently I run my own business as a hair stylist, which allows me to show my creativity while forming relationships with each client who sits in my chair. But what I love most about my job is the ability it gives me to make others feel confident about themselves.