Joe Woolley



profile picMy story about an exciting new company in Salt Lake City really caught my attention when I saw an advertisement on Instagram. I didn’t know the person who uploaded the advertisement, however, I had a friend who shared it on to my Explore page. After witnessing this advertisement, I knew that this was something that I wanted to share with more people.

I was able to locate my sources through the advertisement. It documented the number of the owners and allowed me to reach out and make contact with them. I was also lucky enough to get some personal accounts from people who have had makeovers by the two owners.

The founders were the best sources for my story. Their insight into what it really takes to create a new business which nobody had ever tried before is something that no one else could have offered. I really hope that everybody can witness from my story how they overcame certain challenges.

Thankfully, I did not encounter any problems that affected my story or the way it was told.

I made sense of all the information I gained by constantly going back over my writing and absorbing all the information. I was making constant little changes to my writing until I saw a pattern which really made the story flow.

I would say the biggest challenge I encountered during this story was the writing process. It took a lot of time and stress to figure out how I wanted to portray the company, however, after learning how I wanted to write the story it became much more efficient and free-flowing.

I couldn’t have added more detail to the story without it becoming too much for the reader.

I surprised myself with how well I was able to adapt when an interview wasn’t going according to plan. In my first interview I came across some trouble when I wasn’t getting the information I wanted out of my source, but instead of settling for what he gave me I asked a few more questions which gave me some much-needed answers.


I am a 20-year-old junior studying Journalism at the University of Utah. I have enjoyed my time here at the U, but I am excited to pursue my dreams in sports broadcasting. I am a proud member of the Utah men’s tennis team and I love giving back to the university community. I also plan on joining the U athletics council next year.

Sports has always been a massive part of my life and being able to incorporate that with my Journalism major is a dream come true for me. I would be thrilled to use my knowledge of sports and inform people about it through the form of broadcasting. I have an internship at the BBC next summer and I plan to take full advantage of the experience I gain to further knowledge on reporting.

When I am not in class you will find me on a tennis court, at a dog park, or sitting at home watching sports. I am currently writing an article about my time as a University student-athlete and plan to publish it when I graduate.