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When writing this story I primarily focused on a topic that was close to home. As someone who suffers from a chronic illness that causes extreme pain, It has interested me in what medical marijuana can do for me. I always felt Utah, being primarily LDS would oppose and prevent people from having access to this In my opinion right. I always thought church and state should be separated and it didn’t feel so in this case. When researching this topic I really wanted to invest my time into what the case is right now, and I came across bill 197. Because Brad Daw was the one who proposed the bill, I thought it only be appropriate to contact him regarding the subject. I was pleased with the outcome of my story as I was able to get close up opinions on the situation, and further educate myself on assumptions I made about Utah and the stance on cannabis, and possible church influence. I felt this story worthy to share with many other people who might have the same type of misconceptions I’ve had.

I believe this post really helped me along with my journalistic style of writing as I primarily have been a narrative writer. It was difficult to stay unbiased in the post. It was also difficult to condense it into an (in my opinion) small word count. However, It made me see the ways I need to approach my audience and rather base my writing on interesting them instead of ranting on about my opinions because it will bore my readers over time.