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The research and style of writing were the two biggest issues that I struggled with during the enterprise story. While writing my enterprise paper I found that I possess a tendency to write in a research style and struggle to write in other styles. The assignment also required a lot of planning and critical thinking to acquire the appropriate primary research. The enterprise story required me to think outside of the traditional college paper writing style to apply a narrative that is entertaining and persuades the reader to continue.

The origination of my topic choice comes from my own personal experience with the judicial system during my arrest in Cache County and Salt Lake County. This has been a subject that I wanted to research since I was a teenager. The issues during this process were collecting data for entertainment instead of information resulting from my intrigue into the subject material. My inability to write in a journalistic narrative caught me off guard because I have been efficient at writing research papers during my enrollment at the University of Utah. This turned out to be an Achilles’ Heel for me and it was difficult to switch gears in my writing styles.

The way I located my sources was by telephone and my tactic was to leave a voicemail a day until they called back. Once the interviewee called back it was easy to persuade them to allow me a little bit of their time for my research.  After, I interviewed Pat Kimball, he called Keisa Williams to set up another relevant interview. Once my foot was in the door the primary research was completed surprisingly quickly. They were an enormous advantage for gathering research, being professionals in the subject matter. The two judicial systems determining whether people remain in police custody co-habituating in the same state was intriguing, but disturbing.

I’m also an advocate for judicial reform in the United States, as I volunteered for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, which favored judicial reform. In particular, I’m interested in improving or changing civil forfeiture, municipal violations and the practice of bail bonds. I believe that civil forfeiture is a grotesque practice of the judicial system that stems from a lack of oversight and court procedure. I also believe that municipal violations and the practice of bail bonds are a symbolic revolving door that favors only the wealthy.

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Ryan Finlayson directs his efforts to a solid education and planned career path in communications. Before attending the University of Utah, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in strategic communication and Business Finance, he earned an associate in Business and a certificate in marketing from Salt Lake Community College. He has also produced more than two hundred college papers during his tenure at the University of Utah and Salt Lake Community College. He has been on the Dean’s List twice while attending the University of Utah. He plans to pursue a career in public relations or political communication.

Finlayson has been employed in customer relations for five years and client relations for two years. He has distinguished himself by being able to decipher consumer’s and client’s business needs as well as an ambitious work ethic. He has received awards for customer satisfaction, and customer recruitment and retention in his current position at BiteSize LLC, which produces cell phone applications.