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University of Utah students voice their opinion on Bears Ears

By Courtney Ruttan 

April 17, 2018

    The inspiration for this story came from my passion for protecting and preserving the Earth. I was personally offended when I heard the possibility of the Bears Ears Monument shrinking. I wanted to gain more knowledge and do research on exactly what this was going to effect. Having grown up in Utah, I am so proud of all of the beauty this state has to offer.

    I wanted to focus my story on what students at the University of Utah had to say on the matter being protests broke out on campus. I was interested to see the passion that students had for the issue ranging from both sides of the issue but mainly on protecting the land.

    During the writing process, my sorry initially was a great editorial article that was very story based. I learned that this story needed to be filled with facts and evidence for my claims. It wasn’t until then that my story gained focus. I tailored my story towards the reasoning and effects shrinking Bears Ears would have. I also tried to keep my story focused on what is going on currently with the issue.

    I was surprised when I discovered several people were upset when President Obama made an executive order to protect all of the Bears Ears land. I later found out that executive orders typically have a short longevity.

    I decided to use the interviews from Hess, Hughes, and Christensen because they were able to speak the most on the topic and were educated on the issue. Each was confident in their opinion and where they stand. Christensen and Hess have both traveled to the Bears Ears Monument and were able to enjoy everything it has to offer.

    I am very happy I was able to write an article on this topic because it is very controversial in Utah. I will be interested to see if the monuments land does, in fact, decrease.

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