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  • When I first started my news story, “University of Utah required meal plans”, there were a lot of driving factors behind it. When I first started school at the U I looked into living on campus with a group of friends. When we found out that meal plans were required while living on campus it immediately drove all of us away. While writing my story, I spoke to a few different people with different backgrounds. One of those was a longtime friend who lived on campus his first year, another was an upcoming student who also was against the requirement. I also spoke to a representative from diner services on campus. All of these were good sources because it allowed me to gain perspective from all sides of the issue. While writing this story, I found that it was really easy to write the main guideline of the story. I broke down what I wanted to write and what I wanted to report to the readers and went from there. It was basically just gathering more and more info each day until I had a well-rounded story that got the point across to the reader. I think this story really helped me create a good, effective process for more writing projects in the future. If I had to change one thing about this story I think there would be a little more research into how many students really use their meal plans and how much money is forcefully wasted by the students.


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