Reflection Blog – Student Relationships with Campus Museums

April, 18th, 2018

University of Utah Student Relationships with Campus Museums and Galleries Reflection Blog

By Cristian Garcia


SALT LAKE CITY – Determining the narrate for my enterprise story, I struggled with finding a story which was both interesting to write and research, but also appealed to the student audience. Knowing that I enjoy learning and talking about art, I started with a topic in mind. After failing to gather enough information on my initial story, I shifted my narrative toward the campus museum story. I started off by reflecting on the state of art culture on campus. Moving forward I thought about the available museums and exhibits on campus such as NHMU and UMFA. After visiting the three on-campus locations, I quickly began to shape the narrative of the student relationship with the museums on campus. I knew specifically of one past volunteer at the Red Butte Gardens and started with that particular interview. I then reached out to the communications department at the three museums but was unfortunately unable to contact them through that route. Looking back, I think the story would have far stronger credibility with at least one interview from someone currently working at one of these institutions. I continued researching for interviews by talking with students in the library and the Marcia and John Price Museum Building. I found that of the ten students that I spoke with in regards to their intention to visit, only three showed a disinterest in the museums. I wrote this particular story because I believe that the museums have a lot to offer students and that it’s important to visit and reflect on that experience. After all, it is free.