Tanner Kirk: Reflection Blog

Reflection Blog: Utah teen suicide on the rise

By Tanner Kirk

Suicide takes more teen life’s then any other drug or killer out there. On February 6, 2018 one of my best friends, Sean Carne killed himself in the garage of his own home. He had been dealing with major depression and suicidal thoughts, sadly Sean decided to end his life. Because so many of my  family and friends deal with depression, I decided to write my paper on teen suicide in hopes to raise awareness of this enormous problem. Teen suicide rates have been dramatically increasing over the past several years and it will continue to rise if something is not done about this serious issue. The community needs to come together to deal with the problem and find solutions. Social media is a recent trend and has made a huge impact on how teens feel about themselves in this day.  The research I discovered, especially with social media, has affected the wasted time I spend on the different social apps. I wrote this story in hopes to raise awareness to those who have little to know idea on truly how bad teen suicide is. Everyday teens are committing suicide, and its up to us to find a solution. If you haven’t already, please read my story: Utah teen suicide on the rise, I believe you will find it interesting and enlighten you on how serious a problem in Utah this is.

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