Jen Chun



During the three years of living in the United States, the biggest cultural shock was a food. The country that I love is facing a severe health problem: chronic disease. Indeed, it becomes an issue that modern people tend to have fast food daily. However, the “real problem” is that people do not know how to compose their own dish. As a person who is from an Asian country, which has a healthy food culture, I always wanted to share and inform the way how to eat healthily. Since my mom is doing a plant based-diet, I thought it will be a great source to develop it for my story idea. Also, I hoped this opportunity becomes a great chance to motivate myself to eat in a more healthy way.

I had to do some research before pitching the idea because I only had basic information about plant-based diet (PBD). It was not so hard to collect data or sources because PBD has become a trend among “healthy eaters.” For more profound information and reviews, I have reached out to three people who study or work in health fields. Lastly, I attended the 2nd Annual Plant Based Nutrition Symposium on Oct. 13, 2018. At the symposium, I learned some practical tips on how to make my own plant-based meal.

I tried my best to provide facts and professional knowledge to inform the public. I aimed to provide as much information as I can to educate people. This has made me do a lot of online-based research, meet people for an interview, and attend the symposium for further and deeper information. It was interesting to listen to people’s anecdotes or personal thoughts about PBD. At the symposium, I  learned a lot of productive tips from the lectures of doctors and health specialists. I am sure that my sources are beneficial enough for my story.

Indeed, it was challenging to contact organizations. I have sent several emails and made phone calls for an interview, but none of them responded to me. My initial plan was to interview Plant Based Utah, an organization, and Seasons Plant Based Bistro, a PBD restaurant, because it seemed helpful for the readers to recommend accessible places that people can visit. Unfortunately, they did not answer to me. I had to find other available people, a Ute who does PBD and a chief who cooks PBD, for an interview. Contacting was the hardest part of the whole process.

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to inform people. My goal of the story is to motivate the public to eat in healthy and therefore, to change their lifestyle. For a logical understanding of the readers, I put some helpful statistics and source about plant-based nutrients. I focused on stating why and how having PBD could become a key to well-being. Inserting professionals or experienced person’s point of views give more credibility and motivation to the readers as well.

The writing process was not easy for me at all. It was my first time to write a journalistic article. I had a hard time to follow AP rules, correct grammar error, and organize paragraphs. Sometimes, I had to push myself into the situations. These experiences trained me to become a professional journalist.

Fun fact is that after I came back from the symposium, I have tried to make my own green smoothie. I borrowed a blender from one of my good friends and put grape, salary, lemon, and honey into the binder with some ice. Surprisingly, the taste was good enough. I would love to have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.

One thing that surprised me was that there are some restaurants in Utah that provide plant-based dishes with ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, and seeds. I was not aware of any plant-based restaurants until Professor Mangun has told some of them to me. I am planning to visit one of the restaurants with my vegetarian friends in the near future.

I hope the readers feel informed and motivative by my article. I want to deliver a message that eating healthy is as important as exercising. I do not expect everyone to have PBD but at least feel inspired and therefore, starting to have a healthy life cycle. As a journalist, it was the fascinated moments to challenge my writing skills. However, I am glad that I could earn some advanced skills in news writing.


“I will never forget the audience’s enthusiastic cheering sound at the Gang Neung Curling Center.”

Jen is from South Korea and is an only child of a lovely family. She is a lucky girl since she was young. Her parents are supportive enough to provide more chances to travel or go abroad for studying. So far, Jen has visited over 20 countries and currently she is studying in the U.S. since the high school. From the experiences of living abroad, she learned to accept the variety of culture. Jen loves to make new friends from all over the world and enjoys to communicate with them. She is an adventurous, independent, and brave person. Her courage and global background influenced her to get more interest in the communications field as well.

During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Jen was there at the scene of the history. It was the first time holding a Winter Olympics for her home country. She could not believe in herself that she is watching the actual curling games at the stadium to work as a spotter. It was a moment of her dream came true. While two months, she could experience the real-world, hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies which have enhanced her understanding of the system of broadcasting. The internship experience at Olympic Broadcast Service (OBS) promoted her to discover passion and courage in communications.

Currently, Jen is a junior at the University of Utah. She is majoring in strategic communication and has a great interest in PR and marketing. She is learning a lot of creative and practical communication skills from the courses at the U. She enjoys her learnings and college life at the U.

Jen is hoping to find more opportunities of internship in the future. She is eager to practice and perform in professional communications fields to become a better marketer. She will never stop to explore and challenge herself to improve.