Reginald Hodnett



When Professor Mangun told the class that we would be writing an enterprise story I immediately knew what I wanted my story to be about. I chose to write my story on Rachel Wiener, who is a personal friend and a talented chef.

The reason I chose to do a story on her was that I knew that the restaurant where she worked was doing a complete rebranding of its menu and an incremental design overhaul. I knew Wiener would be the point person who would be making the major decisions regarding the front of the house and back of the changes. So, I felt this would be an interesting topic because I enjoy food and design.

The J&G Grill at Deer Valley is a destination restaurant because of its cuisine but also because it’s attached to a hotel as well its proximity to the mountains.

I had never interviewed anyone before, so it was nice that my first one was with a friend. I didn’t let her or my other sources know what questions I was going to be asking them. I think that was good because it set a professional tenor regarding my interview. It was a fun experience but also a different one because you’re asking behind-the-scene information that in some cases their culinary team wasn’t quite ready to divulge to the public yet.

I was told things off the record that I promised wouldn’t be a part of my story.

The creativity and execution have to be perfect because a lot is riding on Wiener’s vision regarding returning guests and new guests alike. The dynamics of my story revolve around food, specifically, what is Wiener trying to convey with her new menu, and how will these changes enhance her guest’s dining experience? I wanted to understand what sets her culinary concepts apart from other restaurants.

Overall, getting a chance to see how decisions on a large scale are made and the process by which a company starts with just bullets points on a page that spring to life or are negated was fascinating to learn and observe. Food and design are two ways to communicate new concepts and ideas artistically. Surprisingly, I was left with the impression that diners don’t have the full picture of what it takes to ensure that their dining experience is memorable.


0I have lived in Los Angeles, New York and now in Utah. Traveling has given me an appreciation for different cultures and an understanding to accept people the way they are. I’m forever the optimist and enjoy helping others.

The importance of family can’t be overstated. It’s the reason I am the way I am. I can’t thank them enough for always being in my corner, cheering me on.

Currently, I am finishing my junior year at the University of Utah. I am graduating in the spring of 2019 with a degree in strategic communication. I like the different aspects of branding, marketing, and advertisement.