Seok Lee

  1. MY STORY:


I developed my story ideas by beginning to think how students have hard time to work part-time and study together. The reason why I wanted to focus on that was because I personally had a hard time while I did a part-time job and study for my courses in the university. Also, I wonder other students might have hard time too so I wanted to encourage University of Utah students to succeed in college life without burnout.

I located one of my sources through one class called COMM 3710. In this class, me and my classmates made a survey questions about how part or full-time job affects student college life. However, this class required only the result of a survey and made a graph about it.

I found the best sources for my story because each one showed great information that lots of students do not know. I did not encounter any obstacles, ethical issues or moral dilemmas.

I decided my focus to the university students. I gathered surveys that 10 students did for me. Also, I focused on tips to succeed in college so I gathered interview notes for my story too.

I learned more about how to write a better interview notes while I did interviews to others. Tips about writing interview notes, recording is one of a great tip for me not to miss details.

What surprised me in their interviewing process was that all interviewees did nice to me because before I did interviews to people, I thought that I bothered their times so I felt sorry when doing interviews. However, all of them do nice with smile.

The overall lesson I learned from my interviews that lots of students burn out because of work and study. Also, all advisors, staffs in the university or other people want all students do well in college.


I am from South Korea and I arrived in Salt Lake City in 2011. I wanted to study art, especially music and drawing in the university. Personally, I wanted to study art near Hollywood which is in Los Angeles and Broadway which is in New York City. Unfortunately, the tuition fees in LA and NY are too expensive for me. So, I decided to study in the University of Utah which is near to Las Vegas and the tuition fee is cheaper than other universities that I wanted to study.

Seok LeeWhile I studied in the U, I supposed to study art as a major but I wanted to study more about cross culture. The main reason was that learning cross culture might be helpful when I make or sell my art pieces to others.

While I studied in the U on 2011, I joined one band called “Romantico” and did several performances in small clubs or bars in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. Me and my crew members performed around 80 times. However, I hurt my vocal cords so it was difficult to sing so I quit my band and went to military in South Korea frin 2012 to 2014.

After I finished serving my military duty, I started to do an internship in one of the Korean broadcasting companies as music director and producer. So, I came back to Salt Lake City in 2016.

When I came back to Utah, I changed my mind. Instead of becoming a musician, I planned to become a music director in a company and I interviewed in several companies and I passed so I plan to work after I graduate in fall 2018. Overall, my major is communication. I have lots of experiences about music performing and I am a senior in the university which means I am going to graduate in fall 2018.


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