Laura Child

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The “Me Too” movement and the effect on college campuses


I’m a seasoned digital executive, leader, and strategist. I’m in an expert in strategic communications, business management, event management, and design. After receiving my Bachelors Degree in Strategic Communication at the University of Utah, I’ve been able to be a CEO of a successful commercial cleaning company, an event, and marketing manager, a financial account manager, and have had the opportunity to work on different projects and events with several different non-profit organizations.

Any project I take on, I take pride in completing it to the best of my abilities. I love a challenge and welcome them in all aspects of my life. I am the hardest worker in the room, always striving to gain additional skill sets.

In my free time, I enjoy working with non-profit organizations and traveling internationally. I am passionate about engaging in other cultures, foods, religions, and the environment. My dream would be to become a travel writer, working with National Geographic…. maybe one day.